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Maybe time for a back up

I don’t do “back up bottles” of polish. It drives me crazy, really. When I accidentally buy an extra, which happens too much really, I give it away as fast as I can. Weird, right? Although my friends on the receiving end have never had a problem with it. 🙂

Last night I finally had a chance to try one from the Maybelline Bleached Neons collection. All 7 of them sitting there untried really was a shame. So out came Coral Heat. And I never looked back, I LOVE this color!!! The formula was very good too considering, a little streaky as I expected, but fully opaque and smooth by the third coat. And did I mention I love this color?!? I told my husband half way through one hand that I really should get a back up bottle. Figures I would decide that 3 months into an LE release. Let’s all say it together… Mark up!!! I may just have to bite the bullet. I love this color that much! Have I already mentioned that? Okay, without further ado… 

3 coats with Out the Door topcoat

  • Beautiful color!! I don't own any of the bleached neons can you believe it?!