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Nicole Diary Stamping Plate ND-029 ~ Nail Art

You all ready for some Christmas nail art? Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is in full swing everywhere you look. I was recently sent a few stamping plates from Nicole Diary, and naturally I had to post the Christmas manis first while inspiration is fresh! Let’s take a look… For this first mani I started… Continue reading Nicole Diary Stamping Plate ND-029 ~ Nail Art

Nail Art · Stamping Plates

Acrylic Stamping Plates ~ Review

You’ve probably recently been hearing some rumblings around the polish community about acrylic stamping plates. As a self professed stamping addict I had to try some out for myself. So off to AliExpress I went to grab a few inexpensive plates.  All of these swatches are done using a Fab Ur Nails stamper. The first… Continue reading Acrylic Stamping Plates ~ Review