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Acrylic Stamping Plates ~ Review

You’ve probably recently been hearing some rumblings around the polish community about acrylic stamping plates. As a self professed stamping addict I had to try some out for myself. So off to AliExpress I went to grab a few inexpensive plates. 

Acrylic Stamping Plates

Size Comparison with Bundle Monster XL
Size Comparison with Bundle Monster XL
Acrylic Stamping Plate Close Up
Plate XY-L29
Size Comparison with Bundle Monster XL
Plate XY-L28
Size Comparison with Bundle Monster XL
Plate XY-L19
All of these swatches are done using a Fab Ur Nails stamper. The first row is the image on the plate, second row is stamper pick up with Sinful Colors White on White, and last row is stamper pick up with Mundo de Unas White.

And a quick stamped mani for detail; using plate XY-L28, clear jelly stamper, and MdU black.

I felt like these plates were okay, but certainly not my first choice for a stamping plate. The cost of these were about $.99 cents each, I would be more inclined to spend a little more to get a Born Pretty plate. 

They clearly don’t do well on fine detail with the standard polish. Most of the images picked up okay with the stamping polish, but it’s still not the quality you would see with most stamping plates. If you were looking for a low priced option to just learn the basics of stamping maybe they would be a good option, but they definitely wouldn’t keep an experienced stamper happy for long.

There are a few name brands that are starting to release acrylic plates (CICI & SISI) which would likely be a better quality, I will probably pick one of those up soon to give  it a try.

Have you tried acrylic stamping plates or do you think you might at some point? 

Edited to add: I also found these hard to clean after use. I felt like there was still a thin layer of polish left, regardless of using straight acetone or polish remover. It seems this could be a problem over time if it built up in the etched lines. 

Until next time, stay polished!

  • Tracey

    I’ve seen these on a Web site called Light in the box and was unsure as how cheap they are. Now you changed my mind. They look great x

  • Shawna Harrold

    Acrylic plates – that just blows my mind!!! I love your mani, so freakin much, it’s just divine!!

  • Amanda R

    Great review! I haven’t heard of acrylic plates before.

  • Meh. Not your review, but the plates. I’m not impressed, many the Cici & Sisi plates will be better but I don’t see myself giving up my metal plates any time soon.