China Glaze · Nail Polish Swatches

Not in this galaxy?

Hello everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful day. Todays Nail of the Day is China Glaze Not in this galaxy. This is part of their newer Holographic collection. I have found that the holos in this collection are less than stellar, but I loved this color so I thought it was worth a shot. Well maybe. As with most of their holos it is VERY faint, if you like a subtle holo you might like this, I however like my holos strong. 

Well unfortunately the formula on this polish was a disaster. Streaky, draggy, blah! Took 3 full coats and I still had streaks. Out the door topcoat evened it out a little, but if you look close you can still see streaks in it. Mid-mani I was so frustrated, between streaking and lack of noticeable holo, I was really questioning my decision on this polish. 
Looking back, it is a very pretty frosty pink mauve (with slight holo) and I picked it up in a destash sale so I think I only paid $3 for it. I will keep it around, but next time I will go into it with lower expectations for sure.
What do you think? Would you pick this one up if the opportunity arose?

Love and Manis ~ Tiffany