Nail Polish Swatches · OPI

Gargantuan green grape

Good morning all! Hope your day is off to a great start! I was in an OPI kind of mood and hadn’t tried this fun summer pastel yet, so here you go!

OPI Gargantuan Green Grape I would describe as a pale geen, chartreuse-ish pastel. I’ve noticed that it varies quite a bit from swatch to swatch, so expect it to look different under different type lights. For reference, my swatches were taken under LED Daylight bulbs, and you will still see some variation between photos. Either way its a very pretty color and would particularly look great on dark skin tones. Which I’m not, but I still love it!
So… to get back on track.. this is 3 coats with Out the Door topcoat. This polish does dry matte so if you want a glossy finish be sure to have a good topcoat on hand, which you should have anyway right? 🙂