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Honey Bunny Lacquer – Xanadu

I am so excited about this post and the new polish I have to show you today! This is from a relatively new indie brand called Honey Bunny Lacquer, and this polish is Xanadu. I have ordered lots of her glitter toppers and have loved them all, but this is my first full coverage polish from her.. and it’s safe to say I *LOVE* it!! I have so much to say, I hardly know where to start, so I will do my best not to ramble. 

First of all you should know that the majority of holos tend to disappoint me a little, and that is simply because a lot of holos are light on the holo effect. If Im going to wear a holo polish I really want it to be strong. There are only a couple brands that really impress me with their holos, until today! Xanadu is a nice strong holo, that gives a good rainbow effect indoors aswell as outdoors. Its not over the top extreme, its just strong and perfect! And I haven’t even talked about the color yet. A beautiful deep purple leaning ever so slightly blue. I can catch some blue color shift at times, which just makes it that much more interesting. I’m including 6 photos so you can see the color shift and the holo effect well, 3 indoors and 3 outdoors. 
And last, but certainly not least, the brush is nice and wide but not too wide. Basically the perfect width for my nail beds; so it went on smooth, easy, and neat. With that I think I’ve rambled enough, onto the pictures!! For this I used 2 coats and no top coat. 

So what do you think about Honey Bunny Lacquers Xanadu? 
It is available in her Etsy shop at 

https://www.etsy.com/shop/HoneyBunnyLacquer?ref=shop_sugg and retails for $8. I believe these are 5-free but I could not confirm that information. I will update this post once I’m able to confirm the 5-free and/or cruelty-free status for you. 

Leave me a comment! Would love to know what you think of Xanadu? And don’t forget to check out the glitter toppers aswell. 

  • That's a pretty holo! I need some holos in my life. lol 🙂