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New York Color Fashion Queen Crystal Couture Collection

I’m very excited to have the ever elusive NYC Crystal Couture collection to show you today. A couple swatches started popping up a few weeks ago and polish enthusiasts everywhere were looking for this Fall 2014 Limited Edition collection.

How I came upon it is quite the story in itself. After looking at every CVS within a 10 mile radius, I asked a friend in New Jersey to keep her eyes open for me. Her first day out looking was unsuccesful but she was still determined. In the meantime I posted in a facebook group looking for the collection and had a few offers to help from people who had seen them. You can imagine my excitement when I woke up one morning to a message from a sweet girl in Texas who had found and bought all 6 for me! They were enroute to me later that day. 
I think the biggest reason these are so sought after is because they are so unique and totally different than anything New York Color has done before. They are even quite unique for a mainstream polish at all. Indeed they offer the same good quality formula we have come to expect from NYC polish. I had no application problems, and the swatches below are 3 coats with OTD topcoat unless noted otherwise.
And onto the swatches…
Rule the City
The first I tried was Rule the City, and I was quite suprised how metallic it came out on the nail when it appeared much more red in the bottle. Either way its very pretty with its metallic grey base and red microglitters. This one just needed 2 coats for full opacity.

NY Princess
New York Princess is a purple jelly base with lots of various purple and some blue glitter. This is definitely one of my favorites, its the perfect purple. 
Queen’s Jewels
Queen’s Jewels is a bright emerald green glitter that packs alot of punch. I typically don’t like green polish with my skin tone very much, but this one worked. This color really pops and could be wore year round.

Fashion Queen
The namesake of the collection, Fashion Queen, really suprised me. I fully didn’t expect to like this one but I actually love it! This is like copper, bronze, and gold glitter all packed in to create the perfect beautiful blend. Swatches really don’t even do it justice. This one reached full opacity in 2 coats.
Ruby Queen
Ruby Queen is the classy red, yet fun jelly polish of the group. The red jelly base has red, blue, and even purple glitters. There could be even more glitter colors I didn’t pick up on. The name Ruby Queen is very fitting for this beauty.
Blue Majesty
Blue Majesty is an intense bright turquiose/teal blue glitter polish, that again could easily be worn year round. I was warned this one did stain so I doubled up on basecoat. I still got some staining, but was able to clean up my nails with just a little extra effort. This was 2 fairly thick coats.

Overall I love this collection and am so pleased that my polish friends came together to help me find it. It has been spotted most often at CVS and Kmart, so if you happen upon it I would snatch it up while you can. My favorites from this collection.. NY Princess and Fashion Queen. The whole collection is a real winner though and I hope we see more like this from New York Color. 
What do you think of the Crystal Couture collection? Have you been lucky enough to have spotted it somewhere?
Stay Polished ~ Tiffany
  • I love this collection! I'm missing two which makes me sad, but the rest are soooo gorgeous!

  • They are so hard to find! Hope you can find those last 2!