Tidbit Tuesday ~ Does cuticle oil really matter?

Today’s Tidbit Tuesday post is all about cuticle oil. Do you really need it? Does it actually improve nail health? Can it strengthen my nails? Yes, yes, and yes! 

The benefits of cuticle oil are often overlooked. I myself never used cuticle oil regularly until about a year ago, despite being a polish enthusiast for many years. I thought the same as many people do “How much can a little oil help my nails?”
Consider for a moment how much abuse your nails go through in a single day. We have all probably struggled at one time or another with dry, cracking, peeling nails. This is where cuticle oil can be your best friend. Cuticle oil nourishes and softens your nails and cuticles, keeping them flexible and healthy. What do flexible healthy nails do? They grow. Keeping your nails soft and flexible reduces your chances of breaks and peeling. 
So whats the best cuticle oil? I will start by saying that everyone has their own preferences with cuticle oil, and you will also. The most important thing to remember is to pick an oil with jojoba oil as the primary or secondary ingredient. This is important as jojoba oil is one of the only oils which molecules are small enough to penetrate the nail, rather than sitting on top of the nail. 
A few very popular, and well known, cuticle oils are Bliss Kiss and California Mango. I use both on a daily basis, they both are excellent, I just prefer the scent of California Mango a bit better. 

California Mango is available at Sally’s Beauty Supply with prices starting at $3.99 depending on bottle size.

Bliss Kiss offers these handy little refillable pens, which some people prefer to the dropper bottle. Bliss Kiss is available on Amazon.com. Prices start at $6.09 for the refillable pen. 
Now that you know what to look for.. How do you use it? Gently massage the oil all around your nails and cuticles, at least once a day. Always oil after applying your polish. It will actually absorb into microscopic holes in the polish layer to help keep your polish soft and flexible. 
It’s also important to massage the oil into your bare nails and cuticles in between manicures. Let it soak in for a few minutes, then gently wipe your nail with a polish remover soaked cotton ball. Nail polish or a base coat will not bond to an oily residue on the nail, so this is an important step for right before your manicure. 
If you get in the habit of using a good cuticle oil, preferably multiple times a day, I believe you will be surprised by the difference it makes. 
Hope you have found this post helpful! I will have more tips and tricks to nail care for you next Tuesday. If you would like to request a specific topic leave me a comment below!
Stay Polished ~ Tiffany
  • I see a huge difference in my nails when I regularly use cuticle oil vs. when I don't. Good article!

  • I swear by frequent cuticle oil use. It's critical!