Tidbit Tuesday

So as promised I am starting a weekly post called Tidbit Tuesday. This is where I will be addressing questions, concerns, myths, facts, tips, tricks, and how to’s all related to nail polish and nail care. As always I welcome all your questions and comments, that will help me to know what to address. 

Today I will start out with the question that nail polish enthusiasts get asked so often…
Does nail polish expire or go bad?
Remember that bottle of polish you found is some random spot 2 years later, having only used it maybe once or twice? Chances are it was separated and looking a little goopy so you just tossed it? Yes, it has happened to all of us. The answer is No, nail polish rarely ever goes bad. Can it separate? Yes. Can it get goopy? Yes. Can it change colors? Yes. 
Nail polish contains so many pretty harsh chemicals that germs cannot survive in that environment. So it won’t go rancid like other make up items can. This is why salons can use a bottle for hundreds of clients with no concern for bacteria or germs. 
So don’t toss that bottle…
If your polish separates, shake it! Then shake it some more! Good as new.
If your nail polish gets thick and goopy, add some polish thinner to it! (NOT remover or acetone. More on that later). Just a few drops, then roll the bottle between your hands. Repeat until the polish is the desired consistency again. Good as new.
Most any polish enthusiast will report having 5-10 year old bottles with no issues what so ever. I’ve heard of bottles as old as 20-30 years. Now don’t we feel a tinge of guilt for tossing that 2 year old goopy bottle? I do! 
What you can do to lengthen the life of your polish is to store it in a cool dry place. Humidity and direct light are the worst things for your polish, so don’t store it in the bathroom. But with some simple tips and tricks you can enjoy your polish for many many years to come!