Kleancolor ~ Metallic Red

Today I have an oldy but goody to show you. A few months ago I picked up the Kleancolor Metallics set, and of course had to quickly try a few out.

Now Kleancolor is one of those brands that everyone either loves them or hates them. Those that don’t like Kleancolor it’s typically due to the strong smell or slower dry time. Valid points? Sure. Both have some truth. But those that like Kleancolor, myself included, find that despite those flaws the selling points typically outweigh the flaws. Selling points such as a) huge selection of color, b) affordability, and c) unique selections. I recently saw a report that Kleancolor is also cruelty-free? I cannot and have not been able to confirm that thus far. (If you have the answer I would love to hear from you!)
So as promised this swatch today is Kleancolor Metallic Red, swatched months ago, but a color very suited to the current season. This swatch was 2 easy coats with a topcoat of OTD. I had no formulation problems, average dry time, and wore well for the couple days before I reached my boredom stage and removed it. 

Would you like to see more of the Kleancolor metallics? 
Stay Polished ~ Tiffany
Happy Holidays from Frazier – aka Old Man

  • That red is so pretty! I have recently been able to get some Kleancolor from a local Walgreen's that has them piled in a bin. The one I am in love with is Jewelry Red, one of my favorite polishes now – had to get backups! I would love to see more of these polishes!

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  • They really are great polishes for the price. The metallics seemed a bit dark for summer, but I will be posting the rest soon. I also have their duochrome set to post!