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Promise Polish ~ Swatch and Review


Hi all!! I am so glad to be back among my polish after what has been probably the most stressful month ever. Apologies for my short hiatus, but it couldn’t be helped. Now, on to the polish!

Today I have some beautiful polishes to show you from Promise Polish. 

It’s Never too Grape
It’s Never too Grape is a three toned thermal purple. I always excited to find a thermal in which I love both colors, and to love 3 colors is almost unheard of! The formula on this was easy to work with, 3 coats for full opacity with OTD topcoat. But the brush.. Can we talk about the brush? Oh my goodness, best brush ever. I’ve never come across this brush before, which doesn’t even seem possible. Flat, soft, wide, but not too wide. You get the perfect amount of polish everytime. Let’s all find out where she gets her brushes at and send their number to Zoya! 😊 (Sorry Zoya, you know I love ya!) Okay on to the swatches…




New Day Sun Ray
New Day Sun Ray is a beautiful spring thermal changing from a pale yellow to creamy peach. Yellow polish almost never works with my skin tone and tends to make me look dead, but I think this one wasn’t too bad. And the creamy peach, well my favorite polish color ever. Again smooth easy formula on this, with that amazing brush! 3 coats with OTD topcoat.




Volcanic Unrest
Volcanic Unrest is a multichrome flakie topper. I layered it over It’s Never too Grape, which gives it a whole new look. Lots of possibilities with this one. First swatches are over purple, with final swatches over black. Easy formula, 2 coats on all swatches with OTD topcoat. 

Over purple

Over black

Promise Polish can be found on:

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post! Leave me a comment below, I love to hear from you!

Stay Polished ~ Tiffany

… and Zeek 🙂

This polish was provided to me in exchange for my honest review.