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Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Polish

Purchased myself

Sally Hansen introduced these new LE Velvet Texture line a few months ago. I was never able to find them in stores here, but I came across this lot of 3 on Ebay and snatched them up. Wow!!! Let’s just say I went back to ebay and found some more of them. I’m fairly anti texture when it comes to polish, but the texture on these is perfect. Subtle, smoothed out texture that just gives the nail dimension rather than feeling like your nail is covered in heavy gritty sand. 🙂

The three that I have here to show you today are Lavish, Velveteen, Velour. 

The formula on these does dry fast, so be prepared to work quickly and don’t use too thin coats. Glide on 2 good fairly quick coats and you’ll get lovely even coverage with no dragging or bare spots.

Lavish is a deep cranberry plum. Gorgeous color with no staining, but do watch the cuticles.

Velveteen is a nice medium black with so much nail art possibilities. 

Velour is a beutiful perfect purple, although my camera thought it was a beautiful royal blue. These photos are edited to show the true color.

Overall I really love these, and have already done some nail art with them. I will have that to show you soon!
Were you lucky enough to find these in stores? If not check ebay or amazon, these are a must have! 

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Stay Polished ~ Tiffany

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