Essie · Nail Polish Swatches

Essie Peach Side Babe Collection ~ Summer 2015

I have probably had less than 10 Essie polishes throughout the course of my life. They have never really jumped out at me, but recently I’ve been seeing some beautiful swatches of their Spring collection and it got me thinking that I really should give them a try. Then I came across their Summer collection, Peach Babe, and I knew it was meant to be mine. I love ALL peach, coral, orange polish in any type, hue, or finish ever dreamt of. Yes, really. 

This collection consists of 6 shades; Private Weekend, Chillato, Peach Babe, Sunset Sneaks, Salt Water Happy, Pret-A-Surfer

Private Weekend
Private Weekend is a clean white polish, with a subtle shimmer. Perfect for summer mani’s, or as a base for some summer nail art. The formula was easy to work with, and no real problems. This is 2 coats with OTD top coat.

Chillato is a pale lime green, leaning yellow. That is the best way I know to describe this polish. It’s really a bit of a chameleon to say the least. I love it, it’s very unique. More on this one at the end of this post. This is 2 coats with OTD top coat. 

Peach Babe
Peach Babe is a beautiful soft coral leaning peach. A truly refreshing color, even if you’re not a coral lover like myself. This is 2 smooth, easy coats with OTD top coat.

Sunset Sneaks
Sunset Sneaks is a bright coral red. Another favorite for sure. 2 coats with OTD top coat.

Salt Walter Happy
Salt Water Happy is a perfect sky blue creme with another easy formula. 2 coats with OTD top coat. 

Pret-A-Surfer is a medium creamy blue, it comes across slightly darker here than it actually is. The formula on this was easy to work with and covers nicely in 2 smooth coats. OTD top coat.

Now, a little more about Chillato… I kept staring at my nails trying to figure out if Chillato was more green or more yellow. I don’t like yellow polish with my pale skin so I had to assume it was more green. Well I went through all my pale greens  and yellows and pulled out the 4 closest colors I could find. I could immediately tell from the bottle that it leaned more green, or did it?

Tell me what you think; but to me it looks more green on bottle comparisons but more yellow on the swatch comparisons (L-R: Sally Hansen Teeny Bikini, Sinful Colors Juane Pastel, Essie Chillato, Chick Polish Cutie Pie, Zoya Tiana). So I still don’t know. But I like it, a lot, that much I do know.

Overall, I would say this is a nice collection and I had no formula problems to speak of. I may need to go back and pick up the spring collection too. 

What do you think? Would you buy this collection? Leave me a comment below!