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Lacquer Queen Polish ~ Soda Pop Sheer Jellies

Today I have something fun and different for you, and I really think you will like this post. 

One of the things taking the polish world by storm right now is Jelly or Sheer polishes. I have always loved Jellies, but I continue to be astounded by how many aren’t familiar with jellies. Thinking about it there are some obvious reasons for this. Polish is very rarely labeled ‘Jelly’ and it’s hard to tell from looking at the bottle if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Jellies are sheer polishes that can either be built up for full opacity or layered over another. When building to fully or mostly opaque the benefit is these  are very very shiny, even without top coat, and the depth is amazing. 

The Lacquer Queen Soda Pop Sheer Jellies collection are specially designed for nail art so don’t look for them to be opaque, although the 2 darkest colors build enough that they could be worn on their own. That’s a bonus! For this post I will have a nice combination between swatches for color reference and the nail art I did with these. 

The 6 most popular colors from this collection are the ones outlined here; Grape Crush, Strawberry Soda, Big Blue Cream Soda, Do the Dew, Orange Crush, Lemon-Lime. 

NOTE: These swatch photos are intended for color reference only, and are not intended to be opaque.

All swatches are 3 coats with OTD top coat.

Grape Soda

Strawberry Soda

Big Blue Cream Soda

Do the Dew

Orange Crush


Now let’s see a few of the possibilities with these. 

Rainbow Gradient ~ Easy
For this I started with a base of Orly Mirrorball. Starting on my index finger I painted a portion of the nail with 1 coat of Lemon-Lime; I then painted the remainder of that nail with Do the Dew. You will want to slightly overlap the colors allowing it to have a softer more blended look. Continue this through all the nails until you are happy with the look. I used all 6 of the Soda Pop Sheer’s in this mani.

Leadlighting ~ Intermediate
For this look I started with 3 coats of Zoya Lucy. I stamped using Konad Special Brown with plate #BP-28 . I then top coated with 1 layer of HK Girl top coat. Once completely dry I started to color in the flowers. I chose a lighter color for the flowers then brushed just a bit of a darker color in the center and just barely spread a little up the leaves. Once all color is complete and dry I topped it off with 1 more coat of HK Girl top coat. I used all 6 of the Soda Pop Sheers in this mani.

Leadlighting ~ Intermediate
For this look I started with a base color of Orly Mirrorball. I really like Mirrorball as it gives the stained glass effect plus some holo and sparkle! I then stamped over the base with MdU Black using plate #W-04 . Once the stamping has a few minutes to dry I put a layer of HK Girl over it. This is so the jelly polish doesn’t mix and streak over the black stamping polish. Once that layer was completely dry I started by painting all of the vines with Do the Dew. I then colored in the roses with a color of my choice. You want to dab the polish on until it reaches your desired color while still allowing the holo of Mirrorball to shine through. I used all 6 of the Soda Pop Sheers in this mani.

Leadlighting ~ Advanced
For this look I started with a white base using Essie Private Weekend. When dry I stamped the design on using MdU Black and plate # . Added a layer of HK Girl to seal the black. When dry I started painting in the design with my choice of colors. Once happy with the color coverage I finished up with one more layer of HK Girl. For this look I used 4 of the Soda Pop Sheer’s.

What I like most about these is they are the perfect consistency. Thick enough so you can do fine detail work without your polish running off all over your nail, yet still thin enough so that they are easy to work with. They were really created with nail art in mind so if you love sheer jellies for nail art and layering they will make a great purchase!
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Hope you enjoyed today’s post! Which is your favorite look? Leave me a comment below.