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Nail Art ~ Kaleidoscope Nails

Purchased Myself

This week in TRNA (The Real Nail Addicts) the theme is Kaleidoscope Nails.  A month or so ago I purchased MoYou London plate #03 of the Kaleidoscope Collection and hadn’t had a chance to use it yet, so this challenge was perfect. For this mani I created a separate decal for each of my nails, a different kaleidoscope design for each.

Items used in this mani:
Different Dimensions 80’s Baby Ditz 2.0
Different Dimensions 80’s Baby Tubular 2.0
Different Dimensions 80’s Baby Homeboy 2.0
Different Dimensions 80’s Baby Whatever 2.0
MoYou plate #03 Kaleidoscope Collection
Creative Stamper
HK Girl Glisten & Glow top coat

I’m short on words today, but the mani really speaks for itself I think. I’m very pleased with how this mani came out. What do you think? Hope you like it!

Stay Polished ~ 
I purchased all items used in this manicure.