Zoya Color Comparisons ~ Island Fun & Paradise Sun

Press Sample and Purchased Myself

Good Morning everyone! I swatched all weekend and got the Zoya Island Fun and Paradise Sun Collection’s posted. And of course now we all want to know how they compare to some of our most favorite Zoya’s. So let’s take a look!

Zoya Nana vs Reagan, Areej, Ciara
First I wanted to see was how Nana stacked up against some of the other wonderful dark pinks. Here I have Reagan, Nana, Areej, and Ciara. Definitely no dupes here!

Zoya Brie and Zoya Moxie (both discontinued) are similar but they still don’t fall into the definite dupes category.

Zoya Jace vs Tilda, Josie, and Gemma
I knew right away that Jace could not compare to Tilda or Josie. I am completely obsessed with Josie, and don’t know if I will ever like another green as much. But not everyone is, so here you go. Again, definitely no dupes here! 

Zoya Serenity vs Zoya Mira
Serenity appears more blue in this picture which I admit is slightly misleading.  Mira is a slightly darker purple, whereas Serenity is a softer purple. These are closer, but still no dupes.
Zoya Aphrodite vs Nidhi, Jade, Tori
Aphrodite leans more orange than the others. Similar, but no dupes!

Zoya Mae vs Ariel, Gilda, Kimber

These are all somewhat similar, but all have a different finish. Ariel leans a little more red and is a straight metallic finish. Mae and Gilda are close, but Mae has the metallic & shimmer finish whereas Gilda is shimmer with microglitter. And lastly Kimber leans more red and has a straight metallic finish. 

Zoya Selene vs Giovann
This comparison is perhaps the most speculated about. So as you can see there is a very slight color change between the two, the main difference is the finish. While Giovanni is a straight metallic finish, Selene is the new metallic shimmer. The other difference to consider… While Giovanni is known for its incredible stain potential, Selene stains very little. A couple minutes with a scrub brush and you’re good to go! I highly recommend Selene between these two. 
Hope this helps you decide which of these are must haves for your collection. Any other comparisons you want to see? Just leave me a comment below!