Nail Art

Nail Art ~ Butterfly Reverse Stamping Decal

Good morning polish lovelies! I have some awesome nail art to show you today, and a photo tutorial as well so you can try it on your own if you want to!

This is the look I created, using a triple gradient and making reverse stamping decals. It’s a little challenging, but with some practice and patience anyone can do this. Oh, and I love how it turned out!! Hope you do too!

For my gradient I used KB Shimmer In Bare Form, Stached Polish Orodruin, and Jade Vermelho Surreal. 

To make my butterfly decals I started with stamp hehe 004 from AliExpress. I used my creative stamper and Konad Black for the outline of my butterfly. 

I then painted over it with one coat of HK Girl Glisten & Glow. This keeps your polish from bleeding onto the stamp.

I then started coloring in the decal with my polish. I use a fine brush and a light touch to color in the butterfly. But remember this is the back of the decal, so you don’t have to be perfect. 

Polish I used:

Kim Michelle Colour Goldmine (press sample)

Colors by Llarowe The Mighty Red Baron
MOD Lacquers Interstellar Artifact 
Stached Polish Orodruin
Above the Curve Donna (provided for review)
Jade Vermelho Surreal

I let this dry for a while and then gave it one more coat of HK Girl. Once it was completely dry I gently pulled my decal off the stamper. I then cut the decal right down the middle so I had 2 separate decals to place. I gently placed each one right at the edge of my nail so I had no free space between the decal and the edge of my nail. Once I had each one placed I finished it off with one more coat of HK Girl. And here is the finished look!

So what do you think of the final look? Is this something you would like to try?

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!