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Nail Art ~ Pahlish Bespoke The Lost Boys

I am a huge Pahlish lover. I have hundreds of Pahlish polish, but I rarely wear them. It’s almost as if they are too special to wear. LOL That’s logic for you. 🙂

The color challenge this week was dark bright violet purple, and after a quick shuffle through my mainstreams this Pahlish on the rack caught my eye. This is The Lost Boys, a Bespoke Batch from March. I’m glad it did, I love this color so much! This is a Bespoke Batch so this particular one is no longer available, but I’ve never seen any Pahlish that’s less than spectacular. 

Pahlish describes this as a rich fuschia purple with ultra chrome flakes and silver metallic flakes.

I thought some gold stamping would be nice with it. Using MdU Gold I stamped some partial images from Born Pretty Store plate L014.

I think I like it a little better without the stamping, seems a shame to cover up so many of those gorgeous flakies! Which do you prefer? 

Pahlish restocks every Sunday night at 7pm CST and has 2-3 new bespoke batches each time. She also offers monthly duos and typically has new collections every month or two. Visit her website at

Do you have any Pahlish? Or will you soon? 🙂 

Until next time, stay polished!