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Nail Art ~ Swirls

I have some fun swirl nails to show you today! The prompt last week in the #ClaireStelle8July challenge was swirls. I’ve had swirl vinyls forever and never took the time to do a real mani, so I was glad to finally have a reason to use them. In fact everything I used in this mani was untried, so let’s take a look!

For this mani I was envisioning a sparkly base color with a coordinating dark top color. I kept thinking holo for the base but then I saw a few lonesome Love Angeline polishes in my untrieds and decided that Orchestrated Amethyst was perfect for the base. I then did a little rummaging through my purple mainstream helmer drawers and came across Sinful Colors Enchanted, another I hadn’t had the opportunity to try.

For this look I started with a single coat of Orchestrated Amethyst by Love Angeline. For full coverage on its own you would need 2 coats, but to just provide that pop of sparkle one coat was perfect. I waited till that coat was completely dry then I placed my swirl vinyls randomly across my nails, using one swirl on some nails and 2 on others.

I apologize that I can’t tell you who my vinyls were from, I have a drawer full of vinyls so can’t possibly keep track, but most of the vinyl makers offer swirls these days.

After my vinyls were placed I painted one relatively thick coat of Sinful Colors Enchanted. You want to pull up the vinyls while the polish is still freshly wet so this is one time where a thick coat is best. After all the vinyls were pulled up I took a detail brush and a tad bit of acetone to clean up any imperfect areas. I finished off with 2 coats of OTD top coat.

(This picture is a little blurry and has a ton of glare but I like how it shows the sparkle from the bottom color.)

I have to say I am so pleased with how this mani turned out! What do you think?

Until next time, stay polished!