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#ClaireStelle8Sept ~ Nail Art Challenge

Happy day ladies (and men)! I have taken part in the ClaireStelle8 Challenge for quite a few months now. It seems to be the perfect nail art challenge for me. Between my swatching responsibilities and that pesky chronic illness that knocks me down every few days, I can usually finish this one without over committing. 

The difference this month, I’ve decided to follow along on my blog in addition to Instagram. 

For day 3 the prompt is Coral, and coral is my favorite polish color ever! For this prompt I decided to go with some simple monochromatic stamping.

For the base I used Essie Color Binge, a bold choice for their fall collection this year. Then using Handy Polish Coral I stamped this image from UberChic plate #1-01.

I quite like the subtle simplicity of this mani. What do you think? The next prompt is Flowers, stay tuned to see what I come up with…

For day 6 the prompt is flowers. I’ve been looking for a reason to try these little flower decals from Born Pretty Store, and they were perfect for this mani!

For this mani I started with one coat of Square Hue iPolish. I then used some various vinyls and then painted over with Color Club Disco’s not Dead. When that was all dry I applied the water decals. Finished off with a nice thick coat of OTD top coat.

The next prompt is Mosaic and I already have my mani planned. 🙂

Day 9 of #clairestelle8sept and the prompt is Mosaic. For this mani I did some reverse stamping decals using Bundle Monster plate #BM-605 and holographic polishes from Glitter Gal; Lizard Belly, Love Bite, Crushed Ego, and Suede. I love the holo in these polishes, but the colors aren’t as vibrant as I had hoped. 

How do you like this mani? Definitely my favorite so far! 

Next week is Mermaids…

It is Day 12 of #clairestelle8sept and the prompt for today is Mermaids. For this look I started with 2 coats of Daily Hues Andrea. I then stamped the mermaid themed image from plate BM-502 with MdU Black. Then I decorated my nails with various studs and pearls (mostly from eBay.) For the mermaid girl I used a silver holographic vinyl image I had in my vinyls. 

So how do you like this mani? I love how it turned out!


Next week for the 15th we have Fave Song coming up. Still working through ideas for that one, but I will give you a hint.. Soft Cell.

Okay here we are at Day 15 of #clairestelle8sept and I won’t lie to you; I’m struggling to keep up with nail art in addition to swatches all the new fall collections. I’m really tired. This prompt was a bit tricky. I knew immediately what song I wanted to choose, but there are a number of ways to depict that through nail art. Anyway, I hope you like what I ended up with.

I’ll be back towards the end of the week with a ‘Jungle’ mani…

So today is the 19th and the prompt for today is Jungle. I decided to start with an inspiration picture for this one. Here is my inspiration pic…

And the mani I came up with…

For this look I started with a base of Zoya Shawn for the green nails, and layered my stamping using Zoya Jace, NYC High Line Green, and Sinful Colors Innocent. The plates I used were BP-L001, FUN15, and BP-L015. For the white tiger I started with a base of Essie Marshmallow, 2 coats. Then using plate BM-613 I made a stamping decal using Handy Polish Grey, and Handy Polish Blue (for the eyes). You probably noticed my tiger has a droopy eye, that’s what happens when I try to use a slow dry top coat to affix my decal to my nail. I’m much better off using a quick dry top coat and working faster! Oh well. 🙂

Hope you like this finished mani!
Next week is ‘Marble’ and it’s been done for a week or so but I’ve kept it under wraps! 😉

So it’s the 23rd and today’s prompt is Marble. Wow this month has just flown by! Actually this whole year has. So assuming most will be doing watermarbles and I’m not a huge fan of watermarbles (just the process, I like the look – on others!) I decided to do a stone marble look. 

I started with a base of Square Hue iPolish (my favorite white) then I sponged on some Square Hue Vice for the grey, and some Orly Luxe for the gold. I then did some abstract black stamping for the black ‘alcohol marble’ look. 

Heres another shot.

Hope you like it! I was very happy with this mani! I’ll be back later in the week with the final prompt of ‘Wings’…

Until next time, stay polished!