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Zoya LE Satin Trio Rolando Santana

Zoya Rolando Santana Satin LE Trio

The Rolando Santana Satin LE trio came up for special through Zoya a couple weeks ago, you get the trio free with a $25 purchase. I couldn’t possibly let a LE trio get away from me so I quickly ordered some Zoya Remove+, because let’s face it I always need some extra Remove+ around.

Zoya Antionette
Zoya Antionette is a dusty mauve pink with Zoya’s satin finish. This is 2 coats with no top coat. Probably my favorite from these. 

Zoya Constance
Zoya Constance is a fall evergreen with the satin finish. This is 2 coats with no top coat. 

Zoya Dagmara
Zoya Dagmara is a teal blue with the signature satin finish. So what’s going on with my ring finger here? I had to remove the polish and repaint my ring finger, what you see there is STAINING from less than a minute of having this polish on and easily 5 minutes plus of scrubbing with acetone, cuticle remover, and a scrub brush. And I still had staining left. I decided to leave my swatch like this to portray just how bad of a stainer Dagmara is. I rarely ever get staining, so when I do I take notice, and when it’s this bad well I just never forget. Dagmara might just live on a shelf for the rest of her natural stain filled life. Darn it.

This trio is no longer available, but it may come back later on down the road or I suspect plenty will end up on the eBay secondary market (I just checked and there are at least 4-5 on ebay already). So if you already got this collection, or are still looking for it, consider yourself warned. If looking like a smurf is your thing by all means have at it. If not, well take precautions, like maybe wrap Dagmara up in a rubber room. 

If you didn’t manage to grab one of these, don’t feel too bad. While I was so excited to add some darker satin finishes to my Zoya collection these didn’t wow me. They are a disappointment overall, as I only consider one to be a usable polish. While I didn’t personally have staining with Constance while swatching, there have been many reports of her staining as well. 

If you wish to hear the story of the very rude awakening these 3 polishes received the day they were delivered just leave me a comment below. Dog Shaming is involved. 🙂 

Until next time, stay polished.