Heather's Hues

Guest Post: Rainbow Lacquer Custom Polishes by Heather’s Hues

Hello everyone! My name is Rachelle, although I’m mostly known as RainbowLacquer in the nail art community! I am extremely lucky to be a guest blogger for Tiffany and I’m extremely grateful for the oppurtunity! Today I have some very special polishes to share with all of you. These are custom polishes I bought from Heather’s Hues, an indie maker who is incredibly talented and has such an amazing heart. 

First up is Loki, a custom fashioned after my beautiful furbaby. He was a rescue from a shelter who was going to euthanize him for being returned too many times. This polish is exactly like him! A beautiful white crelly filled with tiny black glitters, black and gold hexes, squares and circles. This is one coat, believe it or not. 


Next is Sheeba, another custom made after my adorable (and divalicious) furbaby. She too was adopted, but from a trucker who broke down at a truckstop. A black dog is a bit hard to capture in a polish, I’m sure. And yet Heather once again showed me her true talent for making polishes. This is a black base literally packed to the neck with red, black, and gold glitters and hexes, This was opaque in one coat, but two added a whole new depth to the polish on the nail!


Finally, I have my own personal custom, Rachelle’s Rainbows. I had only one requirement of Heather when making this polish – Have fun! She took that and blew me out of the water with how she captured my spirit and personality! A teal crelly filled with itty bitty rainbow glitters, small multicolored hexes and bigger hexes and squares that include every color of the rainbow! This is two coats, although one would have sufficed perfectly!

I really hope you all like my customs! I adore all of them and I adore the indie maker behind them. I’ll list her shop link down below, along with my social media links! And I’m once again extremely honored to be a part of Tiffany’s blog! Thank you all so much for taking the time to read my post, and I hope all of you have a great day/night! – RainbowLacquer