Color Comparison Swatches ~ Zoya Whispers Collection

Yesterday I posted my swatches for the Zoya Whispers collection, and as expected I received lots of comparison requests. So lets jump right into them…
And forgive the quick dirty swatches, they are just that.

First let’s look at the new Zoya Ireland. This is so different than anything else I just chose those that most people had expressed interest in. Any other Zoya greens aren’t even in the ball park, much like these really. 🙂

Top to bottom: Zoya Ireland, Zoya Charli, Zoya Sage, Zoya Ireland

Now the new Zoya April has some closer relatives, but still definitely no dupes. The closest here are April and Avery but April is softer and leans slightly more pink than Avery does.

Top to bottom: Zoya April, Zoya Ana, Zoya Avery, Zoya Avril

Perhaps the most talked about so far is Zoya Lillian vs the new Zoya Lake. These are similar, but definitely not in the dupe department. Zoya Lillian is a brighter, bolder blue while Lake is soft and muted with that lovely dusty quality. 

Top to bottom: Zoya Lillian, Zoya Lake, Zoya Tove, Zoya Kristen

And lastly let’s take a look at the new Zoya Cala. This is the only one from the Whispers collection that I thought might really have a true dupe, given the sheer quantity of nudes that Zoya has. Again, we’ve come close, probably closer than any, but still not a true dupe. The closest I could find is Zoya Cho, they are very similar although Cho has a soft shimmer throughout and the new Zoya Cala is a straight creme. Jaqueline is much more yellow, and Chantal is more pink. 

Top to bottom: Zoya Cho, Zoya Cala, Zoya Jaqueline, Zoya Chantal


Hope this has helped you make your decisions! Remember, pre-orders for the Whispers Collection start tomorrow (Monday, December 28). Happy shopping!

Until next time, stay polished!