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Favorites of 2015: Top 10 Polishes of 2015

I almost didn’t write this post. Not only was it incredibly hard to limit this list to only 10, but there are hundreds, if not more, of amazing polishes from this year in my stash that I haven’t been able to try yet. I would just assume choose them all, or atleast swatch them all, but I doubt you want to wait till 2018 to see my 2015 favorites. So just for entertainment sake here are my top 10 favorite polishes from 2015, in no particular order.

Cupcake Polish Berry Good Looking

Long suspected to be the #1 polish of 2015, Berry Good Looking is just plain gorgeous. It really doesn’t require words, and it brought the maker to the forefront of polish lovers minds everywhere. It’s just that good, berry berry good. 🙂

DD Nail Lacquer Olive Forever

A new indie to the scene in 2015 DD Nail Lacquer has consistently improved her indie game to the point I often recommend this brand. Olive Forever is a gorgeous strong holo in a completely unique shade. I get so many comments whenever I wear this one.

Daily Hues Blake – Original Post

Daily Hues has faced her share of troubles in 2015, but she has met them head on and turned it into a wonderful learning opportunity. There were soooo many neon/bright blues in the summer of 2015.. what makes this one special? It’s the blue polish that made me love blue polish. Really, in 2014 blue was the color I wouldn’t wear. Not now!

Honey Bunny Lacquer I Put a Spell on you – Original Post

I’ve always loved thermals, and Honey Bunny Lacquer is one of the original indie brands I bought from. When she sent me her winter collection to swatch was the first I saw this baby. I started to apply it and thought how pretty it was, and then it started changing colors… and the rest is history. Easily the prettiest thermal I’ve seen all year. 

Alchemy Lacquers Lord of Whispered Paranoia – Original Post

Ahhh Alchemy Lacquers makes some amazing polish! I love every one so much, so how did this make it to the top? This is the first full coverage microglitter that I ever loved. Full coverage microglitters were not part of my collection in 2014, and if they ended up there they were destashed. Not anymore, and all thanks to this complex beauty! 

Polish my Life Vail – Original Post

I fell instantly in love with the classic cremes collection by Polish my Life, I bought the whole collection, which was a very odd move for me. But I quickly learned that Polish my Life has the most amazing cremes and Vail turned out to be the perfect nude for me. I would venture to say this collection has a perfect nude for almost anyone.

Zoya Sia – Original Post

Many Zoya enthusiasts waited a long time for that perfect smooth cobalt blue, and in the fall of 2015 Zoya brought us Sia. Almost a dupe for Sinful Colors Endless Blue but with that amazing Zoya formula and iron like wear that we all love. 

China Glaze Wood you wanna? – Original Post

2015 was also the year, oh wait that was 2014 technically. Oh well China Glaze started bringing their A Game to the polish arena and released one great collection after another. One of the most unique and beautiful polishes they brought out in 2015 was Wood you Wanna? from the Great Outdoors collection. I wish I felt the same about this swatch of it. Oh well 🙂

Colors by Llarowe Chasing a Unicorn

The white holo. The impossible to achieve, unicorn, of the polish world. Leah Anne with Colors by Llarowe just recently showed us it’s not so impossible afterall! If you haven’t picked this beauty up yet what are you waiting for? You will not regret it!

Blue Eyed Girl Lacquer Wanna Fall in Love Tonight – Original Post

I see and swatch so much polish and I love so many of them, but every once in a while during a long swatch session you come across a polish and say to yourself “Okay that’s all for today. I can’t take this off.” That was my experience with Wanna Fall in Love Tonight, it’s a matte beauty but really transforms with a top coat too. 

Whew! I made it through this post. Those were some hard decisions. Have you been lucky enough to add any of these to your collection this year? Many are still available, so if not it may not be too late! Do you have 10 favorite polishes from 2015? I’m so eager to see what 2016 brings us! 

Until next time, stay polished!