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Nail Art: Square Hue ~ Hike Banff Adventure Collection

Good Morning ladies! Today I have an easy fun mani using the shades from this months Square Hue box to show you. Most of the nail art I do is advanced but every month I will be showing you a beginner nail art look using the current months SquareHue box. Be sure to read all the way through as I will have more information about the SquareHue subscription box for you at the end of this post. So let’s take a look at this mani.

The theme for this year is Adventure, what a fun idea! And this month is Hike Banff, which is a National Park in Canada part of the Canadian Rockies. These colors fit the theme so perfectly!

Hike Banff Collection:
Lake Louise ~ Frosted soft blue.
Lodgepole Pine ~ High gloss evergreen creme.
Johnston Canyon ~ High gloss soft neutral with peach undertones.

I decided to go with a super cute, super simple dotticure for this month. I used 2 coats of Johnston Canyon for my base, I was surprised how opaque this was. You could probably get away with a single coat even. I then added my dot pattern with a medium size dotting tool using the other 2 colors, Lodgepole Pine and Lake Louise. 

How do you like this look? I remember when I first started doing nail art I couldn’t ever get my dotticure’s to look clean and even; turns out the trick is quite simple. Align your dots in a set pattern, moving deliberately and slowly. I know it sounds so obvious, but it wasn’t for me! 🙂 Also if you don’t have a dotting tool no worries, the ‘large end’ of a bobby pin will work perfectly as well. 

I really love dotticures, but there is just something about a matte doticure. So I then added a coat of Pure Ice Frost Matte Top Coat.

And now for some more information about Square Hue. Square Hue offers 2 different subscription boxes, a 2 polish box and a 3 polish box starting from $14.99 a month. A portion of proceeds from each box subscription goes towards a specified cause, currently human trafficking. I am of a strong belief that the only thing better than pretty polish is pretty polish with a cause. So go check out SquareHue at the links below.

Square Hue: Shop ~ Facebook ~ Instagram

Hope you like this mani! Do you like dotticure’s as much as I do? 

Until next time, stay polished!