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Glam Polish Friendship is Sparkly Trio ~ Limited Edition

Have you seen this new Limited Edition trio from Glam Polish? I was so taken with these I snatched them up immediately when they were released. They are so unique, and absolutely stunning. They really speak for themselves. This trio, Friendship is Sparkly, was based on My Little Pony. Let’s take a look!

Glam Polish Cutie Pox

Cutie Pox has a silver holographic base with ultra holo silver microglitter with small pastel glitters and circle glitters throughout. This one looks similar to Pink Fluffy Unicorns at first glance, but they are actually quite different. This is 2 easy coats with a glossy top coat. 

Check out the glitter!

And with a little stamping…

Glam Polish Pink Fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

Pink Fluffy Unicorns is a holographic base tinted with slightly purpley pink glass flecks and a mix of ultra holo glitter, iridescent glitter and small dot glitter. This is 2 easy coats. Because of the amount of glitter they do have a slightly textured finish, but a nice thick coat of top coat smoothed it out perfectly. 

With a little stamping…

Glam Polish Bridle Gossip

Bridle Gossip is a turquoise holographic base with turquoise glass flecks and a mix of ultra holo glitter, iridescent glitter and small dot glitter. I started to say this is my favorite, but the truth is all 3 are my favorite and quickly becoming a favorite among my collection!

I absolutely love each of these, and will be wearing them again and again. If you have the opportunity I highly recommend picking up this trio! Can you pick a favorite?

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Until next time, stay polished!