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Zoya Petals Collection ~ Spring 2016

We all have something that started our polish obession. What started yours? I loved polish for as long as I can remember but never had any real ‘success’ in a true manicure. In 2012 a very good friend told me about Zoya, fast forward to today and I have an impressive collection of just over 500 Zoyas! So let’s take a look at the new spring collection, The Petals Collection..

Zoya Leia
Leia is described as a sheer, opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold. First shown in 3 coats.

Shown here in one coat over black.

Zoya Zahara
Zahara is described as a brilliant shimmering coral made modern with an opalescent effect. Seen here is 3 coats, you could get away with 2 if you use slightly thicker coats.

Zoya Tulip
Tulip is described as a pure pastel salmon cream with the slightest hint of sheen to mimic a petal soft finish. Seen here is 3 coats with OTD top coat. This went on a little streaky at first but smoothed out nicely. 

Zoya Aster
Aster is described as a fresh periwinkle with flecks of fuchsia to create a dewy finish, mimicking the look of spring flowers in the morning. Seen here in 2 coats with top coat. 

Zoya Azalea
Azalea is described as a classic spring pink with a captivating white and fuchsia flash. Seen here in 2 coats with top coat. 

Zoya Laurel
Laurel is described as a warm pastel pink with the slightest hint of sheen to mimic a petal soft finish. Seen here in 3 coats with top coat. Slightly streaky on the first coat but levels out very nicely. 

I would say this is another winning collection from Zoya. Tulip and Laurel were a little streaky at first, but given the pastel color range I have come to expect a little streakiness (is that a word?). Both leveled out beautifully by the 3rd coat. Otherwise you can expect the great formula we all know and love from Zoya. Going on just visual comparisons I think these are mostly unique within the Zoya color pallet, but I always do some swatch comparisons anyway so be looking for those soon. 

My personal favorites: I have to go with Zahara and Tulip simply because I absolutely adore the coral colors. Laurel and Aster are both gorgeous as well. I see Leia being one that Zoya lovers covet for years to come, as toppers are relatively rare in the Zoya line and it’s simply so versatile. I really like it worn on its own too, it reminds me of a sassy twist on a french mani. 

This collection has already been released, so go! Now 🙂

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Until next time, stay polished!