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Joy Lacquer Emerald City Itinerary Collection ~ One Year Anniversary

Ahhh it’s Monday again. No matter how old I get I still dread Mondays. That may never change. But you know what makes Monday a little bit better? I gorgeous new 7 piece collection from Joy Lacquer. This was my first time using this brand. So read on to see what I thought of this collection!

“This collection is celebrating my brand’s one year anniversary. I’m also debuting brand new labels on these bottles.  Upgraded from black ink to color ink, larger design, and polish ingredients added on the side. Great timing with running low on the old ones and hitting the one year mark!  I started Joy Lacquer May 2015 by launching a Summer in Seattle Collection.  I wanted to revisit some of the well known spots on the map that didn’t get a mention the first time around.  Polish names are not as cheeky as the first Seattle collection, but the colors have come a long way in terms of complexity.  They are pretty straightforward, as pretty much everything represents a tourist destination on a trip to Seattle.  When I started, I noticed there were no other indie makers in the city and wanted to create my first line inspired solely by my hometown pride.  There has been such a population expansion of the Seattle area in the past several years and there are so many beautiful things to draw inspiration from.” ~ Joy Lacher 

Joy Lacquer Full Tilt Cone

Photo via Google Images

Named for a unique ice cream chain in Seattle. Full Tilt Ice Cream is known for creative and quirky flavor combinations and also having a pinball arcade in the shop.  The four colors in this polish represents the many unique flavors available at this iconic Seattle spot.  

Full Tilt Cone is the thermal of the collection.  At it’s warmest, the prominent color will be an ultra violet white shimmer and then yellow with lavender shift.  Normal body temps will display a peachy-papaya color that turns to pink cherry when coldest.

This is 3 thin coats with glossy top coat.

Full Tilt Cone ~ Indirect Light

Full Tilt Cone ~ Direct Light

Full Tilt Cone ~ Angled

Full Tilt Cone ~ Macro

Joy Lacquer The Fremont Bridge Troll

Photo via Google Images
This polish is named after a gigantic, one-eyed sculpture, holding a real VW Beetle. From the story “The Three Billy Goats Gruff, ” this statue is Seattle’s version of a troll living under the bridge.  A popular spot for people to pose for photos on, located in Fremont Seattle under the Aurora Bridge.  

The Fremont Bridge Troll is described as a deep neon green with purple elements throughout.  Purple shimmer and purple micro-glitters give the bright green a deeper, more complex neon hue, and there is a subtle linear holo finish.  

My swatches are 2 flawless coats with glossy top coat. As a green polish lover this one is easily a favorite for me!

The Fremont Bridge Troll ~ Indirect Light

The Fremont Bridge Troll ~ Direct Light

The Fremont Bridge Troll ~ Angled

The Fremont Bridge Troll ~ Macro

Joy Lacquer Live at Easy Street

Photo via Google Images
Named after Easy Street Records,a famous indie music store that opened in 1988, which has hosted hundreds of world famous bands in small audience performances.  Some of the most popular albums resulting from these live shows are titled “Live at Easy Street” from bands such as Pearl Jam.

Live at Easy Street is a vivid purple holographic polish.  With green illusion flecks and subtle green flash, this is made on the sheer side to layer a bit and looks spectacular in the sun, showing the dimensional green elements. 

The purple is an easy-to-love color and is based on the attitude of an easy-going Seattle crowd.  This fun loving color was born to be called Easy Street.

This is 2 coats with glossy top coat.
Live at Easy Street ~ Indirect Light

Live at Easy Street ~ Direct Light

Live at Easy Street ~ Angled

Live at Easy Street ~ Macro

Joy Lacquer Alki Beach Staycation

Photo via Google Images

Named after Alki Beach, a widely known destination for Seattle travelers and is packed to the brim with people on any given Seattle summer day. Features amazing city views, dozens of places to eat, shop or laze around, and popular for the summer art fair, live music, beach volleyball, bonfires and bar hopping in the evenings.  

Alki Beach Staycation is a cerulean blue with pink flash.  This is a bright creme polish that has a unique pink shift.  

Inspired by the sparkling blue water of Puget Sound at Alki Beach.

This is 2 easy smooth coats with glossy top coat.

Alki Beach Staycation ~ Indirect Light

Alki Beach Staycation ~ Direct Light

Alki Beach Staycation ~ Angled

Alki Beach Staycation ~ Macro

Joy Lacquer Gum Wall

Photo via Google Images
Named for a well known Seattle spot that began about 25 years ago.  Hundreds of people began sticking their chewed gum to an alley wall.  The city initially tried keep it clean, but to no avail.  They let it go. Tourists began posing for photographs in front of the millions of gum wads that spanned across almost 60 feet on Pike Street’s Post Alley.The weight and erosion of the gum finally became a problem and the city finally steam-cleaned and pressure-washed over 2,350 pounds of gum from the wall last year. People are allowed to post their gum to the wall, once again.

Gum Wall, a one of a kind glitter topper containing more than 50 different sizes and colors of round glitter, is a more cheerful version meant to represent the bubble gum being chewed in it’s better days! 

This is one brushed on coat over Alki Beach Staycation.

Gum Wall ~ Indirect Light

Gum Wall ~ Direct Light

Gum Wall ~ Angled

Gum Wall ~ Macro

Joy Lacquer Pier 57 Cotton Candy

Photo via Google Images

Named for the massive sized bags of cotton candy available at Pier 57.  There lies the Seattle Great Wheel (ferriswheel ride overlooking the water), Miner’s Landing gift shops and within a block is Ivars Fish Bar and the Seattle Aquarium.

Pier 57 Cotton Candy is a pink shimmer/creme polish with gold and pink holo microglitter scattered throughout. There is a blue shift with this polish and some pink and blue illusion flecks. Pink & Blue = Cotton Candy

This is 3 thin coats with glossy top coat.

Pier 57 Cotton Candy ~ Indirect Light

Pier 57 Cotton Candy ~ Direct Light

Pier 57 Cotton Candy ~ Angled

Pier 57 Cotton Candy ~ Macro

Joy Lacquer Flying Fish

Photo via Google Images

Named for the historical Pike Place Market, famous for selling sustainable seafood all over the world, they are also loved and admired for tossing the fish to one another while packing orders.The ever-entertaining flying fish show is one thing people definitely remember when visiting the market downtown.

Flying Fish is a holographic and multi-colored metallic and chrome flakie topper.  The flakies are meant to look like fish scales.  The holo base represents the ice fish are commonly seen laying in at the Pike Place Market. 

This is one brushed on coat over Pier 57 Cotton Candy.

Flying Fish ~ Indirect Light

Flying Fish ~ Direct Light

Flying Fish ~ Angled

Flying Fish ~ Macro

My Thoughts: This was my first experience with Joy Lacquer, and I was very impressed almost immediately. Joy is a joy (see what I did there!) to work with and she provided enough information that I felt like I really connected with the inspiration. I had no real formula issues, all applied smoothly and easily for me with opacity in 2-3 coats. As I finish this review I find myself wanting to visit the city someday. And I’m oddly intrigued by the Fremont Bridge Troll! 

Release: The Emerald City Itinerary Collection releases Friday May 13th at Midnight EST; for west coast ladies that is 9pm Thursday May 12. The full collection will be $63 and will include a free special edition body butter from Love & Lotus Naturals called ‘Emerald’s City Canabis Cafe’.  Each polish individually is $10; with the exception of Full Tilt, Flying Fish, and Gum Wall which will be $10.50 each.
A mini collection will be available for $23; which includes just the colored polishes, not Flying Fish or Gum Wall.

Joy Lacquer: Shop ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest

Hope you enjoyed todays post. What  do you think of this collection? Leave me a comment below!

Until next time, stay polished!

  • Hope Elaysse

    I love Joy Lacquer. This is such a fun and creative collection. I’m loving the new labels. I really love how you included pictures of the places the pushes are named after. It’s a great compliment to the polishes and your beautiful swatches. <3 Great job!

  • Megan Glazer

    These look amazing, as do your swatches! I definitely need Flying Fish; I’ve been looking to replace a flakie topper that I have at the moment!

  • Amanda R

    I’m not usually a big green fan but Fremont Bridge Troll is outstanding!! I love the whole collection.

  • Tracey

    I’m not a green polish person really but this one looks lush x

  • Such an amazing collection! I really love full tilt

  • Snail Nailing

    It is the internet. The (Fremont Bridge) Troll wins the day! 😛

  • Shawna Harrold

    This whole collection has made me terribly homesick – I lived there for many years, and miss Seattle every day <3 And one of my fondest memories is scuba diving off Alki Beach in a few of the coves 🙂 I may have to pick up a few of these for the bittersweet nostalgia.

  • Beautiful swatches love!! And I love how you included the pics of each place

  • Gorgeous swatches! The collection definitely has such a unique feel to it, totally loving it.