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Nail Art ~ Lady Queen Water Decals and Turtle Tootsie Innocence

I love water decals. I really do. They are such a fun simple way to really add an extra touch to any mani. Today I have these blue and purple pastel decals from Lady Queen. They actually have snowflakes on them, which I didn’t notice until I was getting ready to do this mani, and it’s certainly not snowflake weather at least not here in the south. I felt like these worked for spring time too though as I was able to easily avoid any snowflakes. ❄️

For me one of the fun parts of water decals is finding the perfect polish to pair them with. I browsed through a dozen pastel blues and purples but kept deciding they were either too blue or too purple. So I decided to go ahead and apply the decals and then go back to find the perfect shade. It was right then that I noticed Turtle Tootsie Innocence sitting on top of one of my helmers. Hello perfect polish! A soft blue holo with a strong purple shimmer. I’m pretty sure these were made for each other. 

For this mani I started with 2 coats of white on my ring and middle finger for underneath the water decals. Then I painted 3 thin coats of Turtle Tootsie Polish Innocence on my index and little finger. After my polish was completely dry I cut out 2 sections of the decal sheet for the accent nails. I let each piece soak in room temperature water for about 10-15 seconds. I gently slid the decal off the paper backing and adhered to my nail. I waited a few seconds for the water to evaporate off the decals (I prefer this to patting them dry) and then applied a layer of my favorite glossy top coat.

As always, I found the application to be quick and easy. I do feel like they are a bit more washed out than the original image though. Or is that just me? Either way I like how this mani turned out, and I was so glad for the reason to get to wear Turtle Tootsie Innocence. 

If you like these water decals they are available here. Don’t forget to use my code RQLC15 for 15% off your order!

Until next time, stay polished!