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Nail Art ~ Lime Green and Gold #whencolorscollide

Good Morning friends! Last month I took part in my first #whencolorscollide challenge, then of course I missed the next prompt, but I am back again today with the most recent prompt – Lime Green and Gold. Let’s see what I came up with. 

lime green and gold when colors collide
*contains press samples 

I really had no idea what to expect with this mani. They certainly aren’t colors I would ever think to put together. I knew almost right away though that I wanted to use Limey Bastard from Sassy Pants Polish Funny Fruits collection. I found that I don’t have a ton of gold polish (I must correct that) so I went with my staple gold polish, Zoya Ziv. I happened to have UberChic plate 8-01 lying on my desk and the large random circles within circles image jumped out at me. 

And then slowly but surely it started to come together. 

I painted 2 coats of Limey Bastard over each of my nails. 3 is needed for full opacity, however since this was a modified negative space look I wasn’t concerned with VNL. 

Sassy Pants Polish Limey Bastard

While my polish was drying I made 4 decals, each using different areas of the image. I painted in random areas with Zoya Ziv – for the ‘modified’ negative space look. I then affixed my decals to my nails with a coat of HK Girl Glisten and Glow. 

Sassy Pants Polish Limey Bastard
The gold didn’t pop quite as much as I had hoped, but otherwise I quite liked the results. A fun modern look for sure!

lime green and gold mani lime green and gold macro
I hope you liked this mani, and I will have another #whencolorscollide mani soon!

Oh, I almost forgot.. the full collage.

When colors collide collage

That’s alot of green and gold. Have you ever taken part in #whencolorscollide? Just hop on over to the FB group to join the fun! 

Until next time, stay polished!

  • Subtle but still awesome! I can’t wait to see more color collide posts!

  • the color combo you chose is almost deco!

  • I really like the combo colors you chose! That stamping makes the whole mani fun!

  • This is beyond cool! I love decals like this!

  • Tracey

    Great combo and gorgeous mani. I love this challenge group, pushes you to use combos you wouldn’t normally x

  • Your mani turned out amazing!!

  • Sloppy Swatches

    That is such a fun combination, I love how it all came together!