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Nail Art ~ Blush Lacquers Of Seas and Shells

Hi lovelies! Recently I posted the Blush Lacquers Power and Beauty collection; check it out if you missed it. 

Last week a few other ladies and myself did some brainstorming for some Blush Lacquer nail art. We each chose a color from the collection to work with and a theme of ‘Power and Beauty’ for each manicure. Let’s take a look at my manicure.

Blush Lacquer Of Seas and Shells Nail Art

For my manicure I chose the sandy beach color, Of Seas and Shells. I leaned toward the Beauty side of the ‘Power and Beauty’ theme. 

For this mani I started with the blonde lady, this image was from plate Fun 5 from Fab Ur Nails. I used MdU red, and MdU Cream. I just filled in the stamp with the appropriate colors and scraped in a direction that they wouldn’t bleed on to each other. Then I filled in the dress a bit more using MdU red and a fine detail brush. 

Blush Lacquer Of Seas and Shells Nail Art

On my pointer finger I stamped ‘Be You Tiful’ from Uber Chic plate 3-03 , using my clear jelly stamper for placement.

Blush Lacquer Of Seas and Shells Nail Art

I then stamped the red lips on my little finger nail, using Moyra plate 16 Memories. On my ringer finger I used this blingy lips charm I had found on Ebay. I topped everything off with some Seche Vite to seal my art. 

Nail Art - Blush Lacquer of Seas and Shells

I really like how this mani turned out. It was a little out of the box for me, but it’s good to crawl out of our boxes every once in a while. 

The Blush Lacquer Power and Beauty collection is available now in Victoria’s etsy shop

Until next time, stay polished!

  • Naked Without Polish

    I really like this mani! Even if that charm is a bit oversized. It’s very cohesive, and I like the message.

  • Gorgeous! I really love how you incorporated so many elements into the design

  • Ooh cute mani! The base color is so pretty!

  • Tracey

    Super cute ♡