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Born Pretty Store ~ Nail Art Stamping Plate

I recently received a few new items from Born Pretty Store to review. I’ve always wanted to do plaid nails so I was eager to try out this plate. So let’s take a look and see what I thought.

This is a full image stamping plate divided into 4 sections and a smaller image in the middle. I started by doing some test stamping on each section. I did my testing using Mundo de Unas Black Stamping polish and 2 different stamping heads; a white CS stamper and a FUN clear jelly stamper. These are the 2 stamping heads I use most often and have the best pick up with. I also tried multiple scrapers with varying thickness.

I had the best results with the CS stamper and an ultra thin scraper; but I use the term ‘best’ lightly because.. well, this. 

Then I tried again with a different polish.. you know just in case.

The image on the lower left picked up better on all tries, so I decided to use it for my manicure. 

OPI Fashion a Bow OPI Fashion a Bow

I must say I do love this mani regardless. But I think thats more from the color combination than the stamping though. As you can see the stamping is clearly not great. Some nails are okay from a distance, but others don’t even look good then. 

OPI Fashion a Bow OPI Fashion a Bow

Unfortunately the etching on this plate just isn’t where it needs to be. With only one image being what I would consider usable, and not even very good at that, I would not recommend this plate

I did get one other plate from this brand so hopefully it is better. We’ll all know soon enough! 

Born Pretty Store has thousands of nail art items though so if you want to look at what else they have check out the link below. And don’t forget my code TFFQ10 for 10 perfect off!

Born Pretty Store: Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Pinterest

Until next time, stay polished!

  • It’s a shame that the image was etched in well. I really love these kind of plaid patterns, especially for Fall nail art.

  • Ehmkay Nails

    Hmmm, I usually have such luck with BP plates, so that’s disappointing. I agree, the color combination is amazing though, so the imperfect stamping doesn’t bother me!

  • I love plaids. I’m pretty surprised that this plate was so shallow. I’m a total noob, but BPS usually is decent.

  • Bummer about the etching. I haven’t run into that with Born Pretty Store, but I know it’s totally possible. I think your mani still looks nice regardless.

  • Jenalyn Pirosch

    Aw, that’s a shame. I haven’t run into a bad BPS plate so far. But plaid on your nails? Hell yes.

  • Melissa

    Too bad. It looks good for a distressed look.

  • Tracey

    Shame as it looks a beautiful plate. Not had a bad born pretty myself as yet x

  • That’s too bad this plate looked like it could have had a lot of potential.