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Nail Art ~ Born Pretty Store Water Decals BPY07

Today I have some aztec design water decals from Born Pretty Store to show you all. I’ve always loved this type of design so these decals were an obvious choice for me. Let’s take a look at my design…

Born Pretty Store Water Decals BPY07

Let’s start with basic water decal instructions. They are easy enough anyone could do it!

Born Pretty Store Water Decals BPY07

I applied these decals over 2 coats of Glitter Gal White, although they could be worn over basically any color. I immediately loved how they looked, but I’ve been meaning to try outlining nails and decided to give it a go.

Born Pretty Store Water Decals BPY07

I definitely prefer these with the black outline. That outlining is harder than it looks and I fully expected it to turn out awful with my shakey hands, but I’m fairly pleased. Definitely not perfect, but not too bad for an amateur! 🙂

Born Pretty Store Water Decals BPY07

Born Pretty Store Water Decals BPY07

How do you like this mani? Is it a look you would wear?

Water Decals are simple, inexpensive, and instantly transform a dull manicure. Born Pretty Store has lots of great designs!

You can browse all of Born Pretty Store Water Decals or check out the thousands of other nail art items here. And don’t forget my code TFFQ10 for 10 percent off!

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Until next time, stay polished!

  • Naked Without Polish

    There is something so mesmerizing about Aztec designs. I love that you kept it simple with black and white.

  • I really dig these.

  • Black & white art is so refreshing. It’s like the palate cleanser of the nail world.

  • Jen Sky Walker

    Gorgeous! I have several to test out, and my top coat keeps partially destroying the images, even with floating it on. May I ask what you use that it doesn’t destroy your images?

  • Tracey

    I saw these when choosing my next review items. Wasn’t sure personally but they look stunning on you x

  • They are lovely. You made them more attractive with outline

  • LittleNuclearReactor

    This looks so good! I agree that the outline kicks up this look.

  • These turned out really well for large decals!

  • I freaking love how these look framed in!!