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Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! Do you have big plans? We’ve never done a lot for Valentine’s Day, you know because of the whole over commercialized thing. But this year we’ve agreed to not do anything. We just bought a new car (yesterday).. and I’m going to The Indie Shop next month so I want *all* the extra funds for that. All the funds.

But I did do one Valentine’s Day mani. Yup, just one. Hope you like it!

Colors by Llarowe Valentine's Day Nail Art

Colors by Llarowe Valentine’s Day Mani

Colors by Llarowe Valentine's Day Nail Art
Products Used:

  • CbL If you Dare
  • CbL You Make me Smile
  • CbL Lotus
  • CbL Pirates of Penzance
  • CbL Plum Perfect
  • MdU White
  • Stamping plate CK-24
  • Stamping plate CK-26
  • Stamping plate UC 6-01

Colors by Llarowe Valentine's Day Nail Art

I started by painting 2 coats of If You Dare  on my middle and ring finger, then stamped the coordinating images from plates CK-24, and CK-26 (these are generic plates from aliexpress.)

Then using a make up sponge I dabbed on the 5 CbL polishes, a mix of pinks, purples, and reds. After that base was dry I stamped the inverse heart pattern from UberChic 6-01.

Colors by Llarowe Valentine's Day Nail Art Colors by Llarowe Valentine's Day Nail Art

Do you like this look? How many Valentine’s Day manis did you do this year?

Until next time, stay polished!

  • Super cute! I only did one mani, and it wasn’t even for Valentine’s Day. I had it in “the vault” and thought it would be good to share today. We don’t do much for Vday either!

  • Jen Sky Walker

    This is gorgeous! Still no Valentine’s Day mani for me here so I don’t see it happening today. Getting sick myself and now a sick kid has thrown my plans out the window. There’s always next year though!

  • Naked Without Polish

    I do like this look! I didn’t do any manis for the day. I’m not really one for holiday manis. I don’t know why I’ve never been a fan of them on me, but I always love seeing what everyone else does for the occasion.

  • Tracey

    Beautiful Manu and love your colours. Just another day here for us lol x

  • Michelle Chouinard

    Yes, yes, yes. Negative space images are made for manis like this! Amazing job. 🙂

  • Those hearts are everything!

  • Super pretty! Love it!

  • This is perfect for Valentines Day!