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Jesse’s Girl New Lipstick Shades

You all ready for a little something different today? I recently received 12 new lipstick shades from Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. It’s always nice to do something a little different, but I’m so accustomed to photographing my nails that it feels a bit odd to turn the camera around on myself.

Jesse's Girl New Lipstick Shades

Jesse’s Girl Christina is described as a silky mauve. Sheer shiny finish.

Jesse's Girl Christina

Jesse’s Girl Angeles is described as a muted plum. Semi-matte finish.

Jesse's Girl Angeles

Jesse’s Girl Victoria is described as a soft blush shade. Sheer shiny finish.

Jesse's Girl Victoria

Jesse’s Girl Georgia is described as a deep neutral rose. Shiny cream finish.

Jesse's Girl Georgia

Jesse’s Girl Yesenia is described as a soft dusty rose. Sheer finish.

Jesse's Girl Yesenia

Jesse’s Girl Elizabeth is described as a bold sangria. Semi-matte.

Jesse's Girl Elizabeth

Jesse’s Girl Veronica is described as a ruby red. Shiny sheer finish.

Jesse's Girl Veronica

Jesse’s Girl Ventura is described as a auburn raspberry. Semi-matte finish.

Jesse's Girl Ventura

Jesse’s Girl Carmen is described as a rich terra-cotta. Shiny cream finish.

Jesse's Girl Carmen

Jesse’s Girl Krystal is described as a warm neutral pink. Soft cream finish.

Jesse's Girl Krystal

Jesse’s Girl Niki is described as a Muted raspberry. Creamy shiny finish.

Jesse's Girl Niki

Jesse’s Girl Penelope is described as a rich bubble gum pink. Cream finish.

Jesse's Girl Penelope

I also received the 8 new shifty shimmery Glow Stix lip toppers. I’ll have photos of those coming up soon!

These were all nice creamy shades that applied easily with virtually no bleeding. They didn’t feel thick or sticky at all. I even found quite a few favorites! My top picks are Angeles, Veronica, Ventura, Carmen, Krystal, and Penelope.

These 12 new shades are available now and retail for $4.99 each.

Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics: Website ~ Facebook ~ Instagram ~ Twitter

Until next time, stay polished!

  • Tracey

    I have a few Jesse’s Girl polishes I was lucky enough to get. I wasn’t aware they also did make up! Elizabeth would be my go to colour, though I don’t often wear lipstick. X

  • Ehmkay Nails

    Ventura and Carmen were two of my favorites too. Great swatches!

  • Chelsea Day

    Such a great range of colors! I love Ventura and Christina.

  • Kristi Vasquez

    I love the range of shades. I would wear all these colors! 🙂

  • marciaf

    These are such a great buy. I wish they didn’t have a fragrance though since I’d love to wear a few of them.

  • Jen Sky Walker

    I love this collection of colours- they’re totally my style! Ventura has been my most-used recently.

  • These are really pretty. I am back to using lipsticks because I’m kind of over the whole liquid lipstick thing.

  • I really like Carmen and Krystal. I feel like as I age, my lips are shrinking! I tend to plain old lip balm.

  • Christina is what I love!

  • oooo, they all look lovely on you!

  • Yvette Price

    I really like how Carmen looks on you, There is quite the selection in this collection!

  • So many great colors in this collection, I really like Angeles and Ventura. Thank you for showing swatches on your lips, it really helps show the colors better.

  • Loving all of these!!!

  • polarbelle

    OMG your picture of the Glow Stix!!!! Genius!

  • Stacie Wacie

    I love Victoria on you! I still need to grab the Glow Stix.

  • Natoya

    Such beautiful shades “Nicki” was my favourite