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LynB Designs Gemini ~ June POTM

Well June has arrived. Obviously that means its summer, but it also means that this year is almost half over. Remember as a child how a year felt like a lifetime, and now they just pass in a flash. My husband says that is because it’s relative to your whole life. At 10 years old one year is 1/10 of our whole life; but at 40 one year is 1/40 of our whole life so it seems like a much shorter period of time. I don’t know how accurate that is but it does make a little sense. But June also means its time for a new polish of the month from LynB Designs. Let’s take a look at Gemini… 

LynB Designs Gemini

LynB Designs Gemini 
LynB Designs Gemini

Gemini is described as a white based multichrome that shifts from pink to blue to purple and loaded with UCC flakies that shift from blue to purple to red to gold. This applied perfectly smooth and all the flakies laid flat. And how gorgeous is that shift?? My swatches show 3 thin coats with glossy top coat. 

LynB Designs Gemini LynB Designs Gemini LynB Designs Gemini

Gemini will be available on Friday, June  14th. It will retail for $10. I’m sounding like a broken record, but have I mentioned recently how much I love Jenna’s flakie polishes? They apply smooth as butter and always seem to be the perfect combination of colors and finishes.

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Until next time, stay polished!