Love my nails

An oldie but a goodie

I ran across a 5-pack of Love my Nails brand polish for $5 at Target the other day. The thing about me and nail polish is that I will buy basically anything if its around $1 a bottle. I had heard others talk about this brand but had never tried it myself, and this was my chance. I bought the ‘Chrome collection’ as I knew that would be fairly different than anything else I had. I had no real problems with application, the formula was thinner than what I’m used to but it worked out okay. My only complaint would be the brush, it was tiny. Very tiny. But all in all I’m pleased with the end result. I don’t know how often I would wear this look, but its nice if I want something a little different. The photo below is 2 coats, with Out the Door topcoat.

Let me know what you think. Do you have any Love my Nails in your collection?