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Up for a challenge: Hubby picks out random colors! (Part 1)

I was needing a huge distraction today, so I asked my husband to pick out 10 random colors with only one from a brand. My challenge was to swatch and come up with as many looks as I could with just those 10 colors. And oddly enough, everything he picked out was an untried (haven’t used before). 10 colors probably sounds like quite a bit for some people, but to a nail polish enthusiast it is next to nothing. Really.

Challenge accepted!

The 10 colors:
Wet n’ Wild Megalast ~ I red a good book
Color Club ~ Angel Kiss
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear ~ Sea-ing Stars
Orly ~ Lollipop
Kleancolor ~ Beach Blue
Finger Paints ~ He-Art Auction
OPI ~ Houston we have a Purple
Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine ~ Cursed
Sinful Colors ~ Citrine
China Glaze ~ Lotus Begin

(Yes, there are technically 2 Wet n’ Wilds, but since they are totally separate lines I decided it was okay. Besides how could I expect a man to notice that, right 🙂 )

So I started off with Orly Lollipop, I’ve heard great things about this polish and it lived up to its reputation. Smooth even coverage, great formula. This is 2 coats with Seche Vite topcoat.

So I decided to add a little glitter with Finger Paints He-Art Auction. This formula was a good choice to create a glitter gradient, and the colors were perfect for each other.

Okay, so that was pretty easy. But as I suspected it gets harder.
I then choose Wet n’ Wild Cursed, with the intention of doing an accent nail with Kleancolor Beach Blue. Surprise, Cursed is a jelly! That changes my plans.

Wet n’ Wild Cursed is a beautiful bright orange jelly. What you see here is 3 coats, with a Seche Vite topcoat. Being a jelly it seemed the most logical choice would be a jelly sandwich (a layer of chunky glitter sandwiched between 2 layers of jelly.) My choice for this would be Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Sea-ing Stars, although I quickly realized the glitter was much too fine for a jelly sandwich.Topcoat time. So I put a layer of Sea-ing Stars over the initial layer Cursed.

Surprisingly it wasn’t too bad. Gave the orange a slighter darker sheen, and added a whole lot of sparkle.. which of course never really shows up well in pictures but I tried.

The more I looked at this the more I liked it, sadly the pictures do not do it justice. I was tempted to leave it on for a while, but I must continue…

The next color I would use is Kleancolor Beach Blue. Kleancolor is a very low cost brand often found in dollar stores or drug stores, although I have actually never seen it for sale anywhere so I buy Kleancolor online. There are some great deals on Ebay! Kleancolor is known for having a strong smell, but I never even noticed it on this one. What you see below is 1 coat, yes I said 1 coat!! I added a topcoat of Out the door. Beautiful even coverage, and I really love this color! Its great if you want something bright and fun.

So what did I do with this beautiful bright blue? Check back later for Part 2 of ‘Up for a challenge: Hubby pics out random colors!’