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Salon Perfect Bloom in Color Duo

I promised some mainstream brands, so its a perfect time for this Bloom in Color duo by Salon Perfect. For those that don’t know Salon Perfect is made by the same company that makes China Glaze, it is their lower end WalMart line and will often have some dupes and crossovers with China Glaze. I haven’t been overly thrilled with the few China Glaze reviews I’ve done, so we’ll see how Salon Perfect stacks up. 

This duo consisted of Tutti Frutti and Baby Blues, I picked them up for $5.00 for the pair at WalMart last weekend. Granted we tend to expect less from a $2.50 bottle of polish than from an $8.00 bottle of polish so I will take that into consideration with these. 
First is Baby Blues. Let me start by saying I almost always do 3 coats when swatching (the camera shows every flaw and thin spot). I tend to do thin coats anyway so I find it best to just do 3 right off, which would translate to 2 coats normally. This little baby surprised me with so much color packed in that it was actually fully opaque in a single coat! So I added a 2nd thin coat just to be sure and snapped my pictures. This could easily be considered a one-coater, which really impressed me. So much pop of color packed into that little bottle!!
Next is Tutti Frutti, which I was more excited about after seeing how easy and smooth Baby Blues went on. As it turns out though Tutti Frutti wasn’t quite as smooth as Baby Blues, I had a little bit of streaking which required a full 3 coats plus topcoat to level out but it wasn’t terrible by any means. 
Overall I’m very pleased with these. They pack some punch for lower priced polishes and would stand up to many of the higher dollar brands. Note, I cannot speak to wear time as I simply swatched and removed, but honestly I find wear time to be much more dependant on basecoat and topcoat than brand of polish anyway. Either way you couldn’t go wrong with these $5.00 duo’s.
Baby Blues, 2 coats with OTD topcoat

Tutti Frutti, 3 coats with OTD topcoat

Salon Perfect can be found at WalMart. These Color in Bloom duo packs were priced at $5.00.