Tidbit Tuesday: Glass Nail Files

So what is all this discussion about glass nail files? Have you taken the plunge yet?

Glass nail files have recently taken the nail world by storm. The surface of a glass nail file is very finely etched glass* and leaves the nail surface incredibly smooth, even allowing you to file either direction without fracturing the nail surface. They are said to last virtually indefinitely as the surface can’t wear down. The occasional wash with soap and water is suppose to be all the maintenance these files need. Keep in mind they are glass though, so they can break if dropped or stepped on etc. 
I finally took the plunge and bought a mid range glass file ($14.95) and I certainly do love it. Recently when I had a break and needed to take a lot of length I did reach for my tried and true foam file, but for normal day to day shaping the glass is great. 
*Most of the less expensive glass files are coated (rather than etched glass), therefore do have a life expectancy. But they will still last a good while, and are great for starting out or for those on a budget. 
So if you aren’t already convinced go grab a small inexpensive glass file and try it out. You just may be surprised at how much of a difference you notice!
Stay Polished ~ Tiffany