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Lacquer Queen Polish – EnWRAPture latex peel off liquid tape

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With yesterday’s batch of Lacquer Queen polishes, Tammy also sent me her EnWRAPture latex peel off liquid tape to try. These latex nail wraps have really taken the polish community by storm lately. I have been intrigued by them, but this was my first time trying one. Having not tried one I had a few thoughts/concerns going into it; primarily would it be easy to apply precisely? Since these are really designed to help keep your ‘messy mani’s’ neat, then what keeps these neat? 

Well, I was impressed to find that this brushes on very easily and smoothly and had no problems at all being precise with it. Once it was dry (maybe 2 minutes or so) I proceeded with my test, which was stamping. After I finished with my stamping I peeled the liquid tape right off (used a pair of sharp nosed tweezers). And my stamping needed virtually no clean up. It was so easy, and effective! (Step by step photo below)
These are primarily designed for ‘messy mani’s’ but I suppose if painting neatly is a struggle you could use them all the time. I will primarily use it for stamping, gradients, or watermarbling. Overall, I think its a great product and will prove to be very useful. Keep in mind this does include latex so if you have a latex allergy you will want to find a latex-free one (if thats even an option, I’m really not sure.)
EnWRAPture liquid tape is available on the Lacquer Queen Polish etsy shop at ~ 

At just $6.99 for a full size bottle it’s really worth keeping it around. 

Have you tried these liquid tape wraps? If so, what do you think of them? Leave me a comment below!

Stay Polished ~ Tiffany