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Liquid Sky Lacquer ~ Swatches and Review

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I recently received polishes for review from Carolyn with Liquid Sky Lacquer. Knowing the quality of her polishes already, I knew this would be an easy review. These do not disappoint! Between the smooth creamy formula and the amazing colors and glitters, every single one is a winner. Now let’s take a look!

Baby Kitten
Baby Kitten is a smooth, creamy baby pastel pink. Full coverage in 2 easy coats, which is usually hard to achieve in a pastel spring color! My swatches are 2 coats with OTD top coat. 

Raspberry Dawn
Raspberry Dawn is a stunning raspberry pink holo. This is a nice strong holo that shows off it’s beauty even in low light. I absolutely love this color.

Pinch Proof
Pinch Proof is a definite favorite for me. A stunning grass green holo with a sprinkling of larger glitter throughout. Reaches full opacity in 3 coats, topped with HK Girl top coat.

King’s Cake
King’s Cake is a fun combination of various green, gold, purple glitters in a sheer purple base. Mardi Gras here we come! My swatches are 1 coat, with some extra dabbing over a purple base. Topped off with a coat of Gelous and HK Girl top coat. Check out the matte-fied swatches as well!


Black Magic Leprechaun
Black Magic Leprechaun is a fun combination of various gold, green, and shamrock glitters all mixed in to a sheer black base. This is 2 coats over a black base. The shamrock glitters are fairly sparse as I had to do quite a bit of fishing to get the one on my middle finger, but it’s so worth it! 


Atlantis is a green-leaning teal holo base with various brightly colored glitters. This color definitely feels like the deep sea with brightly colored fish. The swatches below are 2 coats with OTD top coat.

Did you get his number?
Did you get his number is a true royal purple with a somewhat subtle linear holo. This is really the perfect purple, not too blue and not too red. This is 2 coats with HK Girl top coat.

So do you have a favorite from these? I couldn’t possibly pick just one as they are all fabulous, but Pinch Proof, Raspberry Dawn, and King’s Cake are all at the top of the list for me. 

Liquid Sky Lacquer is a 5-Free, Cruelty-Free Indie brand, and their current released polishes include a wide assortment of creams, glitters, holos, crellies, thermals, and jellies. There is something for everyone on her website They are also available on, and a number of other indie e-tailers. Retail is $12 per bottle. 

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I would love to hear from you! Do you have a favorite from these fun and unique polishes? 

Stay Polished ~ Tiffany

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