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My Favorite Green’s ~ March

Press samples and Purchased myself

So I have been working on this post for the last month and I’m excited to see it all come together. My favorite green polishes in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day this month. Which also happens to be my anniversary – 14 years!

Last month I started pulling out a number of my green polishes. I swatched each one, as many were still untried. I started buying some green polish that caught my eye and immediately swatched all of those as well. I finally got it narrowed down to 15, but had to keep going. I wanted a good mix of different types and finishes. Then I decided that even though I loved some the formula’s were a bit persnickety. And so I went until I finally got it down to just 10. Whew! This really was harder than I thought it was going to be. But it was fun to finally try a lot that had been sitting around getting no love from me. Note: These 10 are in no particular order. That would have been far too hard to figure out. 🙂

So here we go.. My favorite green’s!!!

    Alchemy Lacquers ~ Gilded Shamrock

    Sadly Gilded Shamrocks will be discontinued shortly to make room for new gilded polish, so if you love it go grab it!
    Available at

    MOD Lacquers ~ Alien Encounter
    Alien Encounter discontinued, but is so beautiful I still had to share it.

    Orly ~ Green Apple
    Green Apple is current and available from and Orly retailers.

    Delush Polish ~ Medusa’s Verde
    Medusa’s Verde is current and still available. My macro shot looks more blue compared to the others but it’s definitely in the green family.
    Available at:

    Pahlish ~ Still Alive
    Still Alive is an older Pahlish and no longer available. Sorry to tease you, but I had to share it regardless! (Possible to find through secondary sales on Storenvy)

    Liquid Sky Lacquer ~ Pinch Proof
    Pinch Proof is current and available. This is a gorgeous green holo with lot’s of extra glitters to give it that extra flair.
    Available at:

    Paint Shop Polish ~ Lucky Leprechaun
    Lucky Leprechaun is a new Limited Edition release. So if you love it go grab it while you can.
    Available at:

    MDJ Creations ~ Enchanted Clovers
    Enchanted Clovers is a glorious glitter bomb, would look amazing over a wide variety of colors. Shown here over MDJ Creations Grace over Luck.
    Available at:

    Baroness X ~ Warped Waters
    Warped Waters is a dense flakie polish with a gorgeous mixture of multichrome flakies. The primary colors you see from a distance are blue and green.

    Zoya Nail Polish ~ Josie
    Ahhh. Zoya Josie. This was the only polish that I knew would be on this list the second I thought of doing it. My all time favorite green polish, and one of my all time favorite Zoya’s. Current.
    Available at:

    Do you like green polish? It seems to be a love/hate color, but I absolutely love it, my second favorite color family for polish. 
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    Stay Polished ~ Tiffany