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Chick Pick Polish ~ Spring Fling Collection (partial)

Good morning polish addicts! Today I have a new to me brand to show you. I discovered Chick Pick Polish on Instagram, been following her for quite some time but recently she posted her Spring Fling Collection and I decided it was time to try them out. I picked out 2 colors, a very modest selection for me, and now I wish I had got more! I see some shopping in my near future. 🙂

Marma-Laid in the Shade
Marma-Laid in the Shade is an apricot orange matte polish with very fine shimmer. It gives the effect of almost glowing on your nails. The formula was easy to work with and 2 coats gives full opacity. No top coat. 

Let me Violet You
Let me Violet You is a royal purple matte polish with very fine shimmer. This one really does look like it’s glowing on your nail, absolutely stunning! Be sure to check out the macro swatch below. Again, 2 easy coats with no top coat.

Yes, I am definitely grabbing a few more of these, if not all of them. What do you think? Do these look like winners to you?

Please note: Some people can struggle a bit with applying matte polish. They are a bit trickier than a standard creme, but there are a few tips to make it easier. It’s important to work somewhat quickly, they do dry faster than cremes and most problems arise when the polish starts to dry before a full coat is finished. It also helps to get a bit more polish on your brush so you can apply a full coat without needing to re-apply. If the polish starts to dry before the coat is finished it can cause some balding and patching of the polish. I had zero problems with this formula; but if you haven’t worked with many matte polishes these few tips will help ensure you get a good clean finish. 
The Spring Fling Collection is available now at
The set of 7 retails for $56.00 (savings!) or you can purchase them individually at $9.00 each. 
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