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Nail Art ~ Radial Gradient Rose

Good morning ladies!! I have some nail art for you today. Radial gradients have become popular lately, so I wanted to give it a try. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. Take a look!

For this look I used the following:
Zoya Flora
Zoya Dita
Zoya Livingston
Mundo de Unas Black
Pueen plate #80
Fab Ur Nails Stamper

I started with 2 coats of Zoya Flora. I used a round sponge for the gradient, they don’t give near as smooth of a gradient as a regular make up triangle, but I wanted to see if it was easier. I don’t think it was, so next time it will be a regular triangle sponge. I used Zoya Livingston for a very concise spot in the middle and a circle of Zoya Dita right around that. And of course an outer circle of Zoya Flora. When my radial gradient was complete I immediately top coated with OTD top coat. From Pueen plate #80 I chose a different rose for each finger. Using my FUN stamper and MdU Black I stamped a rose image on each nail, lining it up with the dark center on each nail. Very quick easy mani with the right supplies. 

I hope you like this look! Have you tried a radial gradient yet? I love it, it opens up so many more stamping ideas! Have a great day, and until next time, stay polished!