The Mani Cave ~ A Virtual Tour of my happy place

Something a little different and fun today! 

My happy place. I work, create, envision, and relax in this room; my mani cave. The few times I’ve posted a picture or two of the mani cave I got a lot of great feedback, so I thought doing a true virtual tour would be fun! Let’s take a look…

Picture Heavy Post! You’ve been warned. 🙂 

Panoramic Shot: Taken last year. 

My work space.

Specialty top coats and to-be-swatched.

Stamping polish.

3 helmers, a 4th added since. Mostly main stream polish is kept in my helmers.

2 racks over the helmers, Pahlish and Colors by Llarowe, my top 2 favorite indie brands.

Mini polishes. Poor little ones don’t get much love. 

I always have atleast 1 or 2 incoming buckets. Once I have logged them into my polish database they get sorted into the rest of the collection. And then I fill up the buckets again!

Overflow. This is a file folder drawer set that is built into my desk, so I filled it with spice rack risers and some random small totes.

Stamping plates.  My robart shaker and photo backdrop with 2 ottlites are in the background. (and you might see Yoda’s hand if you look close!) 🙂

And now for the fun stuff!!


These are my double Zoya racks. Currently I have over 500 Zoya’s, the brand that started my polish obsession/addiction. I am always on the lookout for older discontinued Zoya. 

The Wall-O-Polish! 

It has been reorganized a bit since this photo, these racks now hold all my indies. (I just can’t bear to hide any of my amazing indies in a drawer!)

So what do you think of my mani cave? Yes I know it’s a lot of polish, but as Mr. PolishandPaws says ‘It makes me happy. And that’s what matters.’ <3 

And as a smile worthy bonus; “Old man” (my rescued senior American Eskimo) supervising recently as some work was being done in the mani cave. 

How do you like it?  You can share a picture of your set up in the comments below!  

Until next time, stay polished!