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Nail Art ~ Smitten Polish Aqua Opal

I recently picked up a couple of the flakie neons from Smitten Polish. I had intended to swatch them and write up a review, however as soon as I got Aqua Opal on my nails those plans were all but forgotten. I got so excited to do a mermaid mani that I didn’t even take a swatch pic before jumping right in! 🙂

If there were ever a polish designed specifically for mermaid nails, this is it. 

How I created this look:

I started with 3 thin coats of Smitten Polish Aqua Opal. 
I stamped the mermaid pattern from Pueen plate #17 using MdU black. 
I then pulled out a sheet of silver sea themed decals, (and once again I have no idea who makes these decals.)

This is not my first attempt at mermaid nails, but it is my first mermaid nails I consider a success. Finally some mermaid nails that I like enough to share! 🙂

Hope you like this look too!

Until next time, stay polished.