Nail Polish Swatches

Nude or Neutral Holographic Polish Comparisons

Do you have one color or type of polish that you just can’t get enough of? I have a real weakness for nude holo polishes. I want them all. They’re gorgeous. They’re suitable for any occasion. They are absolutely perfect for a palette cleanser kind of day, while still giving you some fun  rainbows or shimmer.

With so many in my collection I decided to do a comparison post. After all, there have to be dupes in 18 polishes.

The polishes included in this comparison:

  • Little Bean Sweet Irish Cream
  • Color Club Love Em Leave Em
  • Liquid Sky Lacquer Head to the Bahamas
  • Fair Maiden Fairest of them all
  • B2 Lacquer Brown Sugar
  • Daily Hues Gia
  • China Glaze Spin me Around
  • ILNP Iconic
  • Glitter Gal Nude
  • OPI DS Design
  • MOD Lacquer Ancient Alien
  • Jade Irrestivel
  • Color Club Cherubic
  • KB Shimmer In Bare Form
  • Glitter Gal Suede
  • Bliss Polish Yvette
  • Colors by Llarowe Blonde Ambition
  • OPI DS Classic

All swatches are 3 coats with no top coat.

Top (Left to Right): Little Bean Sweet Irish Cream, Color Club Love Em Leave Em, Liquid Sky Lacquer Head to the Bahamas, Fair Maiden Fairest of them all, B2 Lacquer Brown Sugar, Daily Hues Gia, China Glaze Spin me Around, ILNP Iconic, Glitter Gal Nude

Bottom (Left to Right): OPI DS Design, MOD Lacquer Ancient Alien, Jade Irrestivel, Color Club Cherubic, KB Shimmer In Bare Form, Glitter Gal Suede, Bliss Polish Yvette, CbL Blonde Ambition, OPI DS Classic

So far they all look fairly different. Let’s take a closer look. I divided these into sections; the pink undertones, the darker brown nudes, the gold undertones, the strongest holos.

ILNP Iconic, MOD Lacquer Ancient Alien, Fair Maiden Fairest of them All

Iconic and Ancient Alien are close, but Ancient Alien is more opaque and leans slightly more pink. Fairest Maiden doesn’t have as strong of a pink undertone as the others do.

China Glaze Spin me Around, OPI DS Classic, Color Club Love Em Leave Em, Glitter Gal Suede

DS Classic and Love Em Leave Em are both scattered holos, so they definitely stand apart. Glitter Gal Suede is a bit darker than the rest, and the holo doesn’t really stand out.

Jade Irresistevel, Colors by Llarowe Blonde Ambition, OPI DS Design

These three are the most similar, but still not really dupes. The differences are more pronounced to the naked eye. Irresistevel and DS Design are closest, but DS Design leans slightly darker. However with DS Design being very hard to find, Irresistevel is definitely a good alternative. Blonde Ambition has the strongest holo of any of them, not surprisingly.

Liquid Sky Lacquer Head to the Bahama’s, B Squared Lacquer Brown Sugar, KB Shimmer In Bare Form, Daily Hues Gia, Little Bean Lacquer Sweet Irish Cream

Head to the Bahama’s and In Bare Form are similar but Head to the Bahama’s is a little darker. Gia and Sweet Irish Cream both have a very subtle holo.

Color Club Cherubic, Bliss Polish Yvette, Glitter Gal Nude

Glitter Gal Nude is very sheer, it could be used as a top coat or built up to opacity. Bliss Polish Yvette leans slightly more gold than Color Club Cherubic. 

So there you have it. 18 nude holo’s, a couple are similar but no straight up dupes. Did I miss any great nude holo’s? If so I need to know about them! Leave me a comment below so I can be on the lookout for them. Hope you found this helpful, or maybe it led you to your perfect nude holo.

Until next time, stay polished!