Firecracker Lacquer

Press Release: Firecracker Lacquer Fantastical Beasts Collection

July 31, 2015 — Firecracker Lacquer will launch their latest collection, Fantastical Beasts, based off of various magical and marvelous creatures in the wizarding world. No need for a book to tell you where to find these breathtaking beasts.

The collection will be available Friday July 31st at 6pm MST (happee birthdae Harry!), at There will be seven polishes in the collection total, with prices ranging from $9.50 to $11.00 per bottle. Also available in the store are all previously released polishes, nail gems, and rhinestones.

Please contact Kendahl at with any questions!


Ain’t Nothin’ But Trouble ($9.50)  This prodigious lacquer is created in the image of pixies – small beasts known for making mischief, playing practical jokes, and otherwise creating general mayhem. A royal blue jelly with loads of holographic glitters and an aqua shimmer, this polish will play tricks with the light and create mayhem of your nails, in the best way possible.

Arise From The Ashes ($11.00)  This fantastic lacquer is based on the phoenix – a loyal beast with healing tears, who burns into ash on its Burning Day, only to arise from the ashes and live again. A deep red linear holographic lacquer with scarce orange and yellow glitter, this lacquer will never leave you stranded if you find yourself face-to-face with a basilisk.

Definitely A Gold Digger ($9.50)  This numinous lacquer is blended for the niffler – a treasure-hunting beast attracted to anything and everything shiny or shimmery. A light lilac polish with various glitters in pink, purple, silver, and teal, with a beautiful purple shimmer; you’ll attract every niffler in town with your nails.

Dragons Can Be Pink, Too! ($9.50)  This delightful lacquer is created for dragons – giant winged, fire-breathing beasts – though pink dragons are a less represented subset of the species. A bold raspberry crelly smattered with white, opal, and iridescent glitters in varying shapes and sizes; this is a lacquer you’d never want to get on the wrong side of, no matter how pretty it looks.

Not So Pretty After All ($9.50)  This magnificent lacquer is designed with merpeople in mind – beasts that live underwater and have wondrous singing voices, but are not quite as they seem. A soft aqua lacquer with matte white and holographic green and blue glitters, this lacquer will make your nails sing, without then trying to kill you.

Quite Gentle, Really ($10.00)  This thrilling lacquer is created for thestrals – a magical beast that can only be seen by people who have seen and understood the death of another person. A milky topper jam-packed with rainbow shimmers that shift and transform at different angles, this lacquer will impress anyone that can see it. Which is everyone. Unless they’re blind.

The Power of the Horn ($11.00)  This unearthly lacquer is based on unicorns – wondrous and incredibly rare beasts whose blood can provide extended life to a person, though at a cost. A bright silver frosty lacquer with a linear holographic shine, this lacquer may just give you the boost you need to make it through the rest of your day. Extended life not guaranteed.