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Bellaluna Cosmetics Royal Heirloom

I’m so excited to show you this polish today! Samantha with Bellaluna Cosmetics recently asked me to swatch her monthly birthstone polish, which is the sapphire for September.

Royal Heirloom is inspired by Princess Diana’s Royal Sapphire. 

From Wikipedia… ‘Shortly after Charles proposed to Diana she was to sit down with the royal jeweler, but instead of selecting a custom-made diamond gem like ‘most’ girls of good breeding, Lady Diana acted like a ‘commoner’ and decided on a catalog gemstone style instead. Despite the urgings from the palace, the bride’s wish overruled any royal rumblings – and the rest, as they say, is history.’

The Royal Sapphire is HUGE and of top quality according to most jewelers. The 18-carat center stone is surrounded by 14 diamonds and cost around $60,000 back in 1981, but is worth over $500,000 these days.

While this polish won’t set you back anywhere near that much, might I be so bold as to suggest it’s easily as pretty though. 

Royal Heirloom is a brilliant sapphire blue jelly polish with plenty of glitter and flakes to add an amazing sense of depth. 

My swatches are 3 coats with OTD top coat. I used very thin coats, you can probably get away with 2 coats if you’re a little more generous. 

I couldn’t bring myself to take this polish off right away, like I normally would when swatching. I actually wore this for close to 24 hours, and I’m happy to report no staining whatsoever! I’m actually still wearing it on my right hand as I type this post. (Mismatched hands? Yes that’s totally normal. lol)  I just can’t get over how beautiful it is. 

Royal Heirloom will be available starting September 1 and will retail for $9.50. All Bellaluna polishes are 5-free and cruelty free.

If you haven’t tried Bellaluna yet, it just might be the perfect time! I swatched her very first collection, so I can tell you her polish gets better and better with each collection. 

Do you have any Bellaluna polish? Do you think you might be picking up this blue beauty? 

Until next time, stay polished!